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Avocado will soon turn 20. It is almost half of my

When I started out, I was a young woman for whom
life was full of possibilities.

I could not wait for what it would bring -
everything was yet to happen. For me, this expectation, the
feeling of being at the threshold of life is the quintessence
of youth.
How much unrestrained pleasure can be derived from dreams!

The essence of maturity, however, is the ability to
accept life’s difficulties and disappointments, while at the
same time still being able to take everything that is good,
pleasant and nourishing from it. From the actual life and not
from dreams.

Unfortunately, I was never a master at doing it;)
I'm still rebelling; I still live with my head in the
clouds, although I know that life is happening here and now.

The new version of Avocado - Avocouture – is my
symbolic step towards myself from the past, me in my youth,
and a gateway to the future. You will find here what you know
well and what is  at the core of Avocado, but soon you will
also get to know our new face: still casual, yet more
intriguing and refined.

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