1. The owner of the Online Store at (hereinafter referred to in the Regulations as ‘the Store’) is the company Avocado Lingerie Anna Lejwoda located at 15 Jackowskiego Street in Poznan.

2. Prices in the store are given in euros.

3. Purchasing in the store can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the registration / login to the website and placing an order or sending an e-mail -

4. The principles set out in these Regulations also concern the possibility to place orders for the goods offered in the store by phone from Monday to Wednesday 10.00-17.00 and on Friday 10.00 - 16.00, telephone number +48 661 191 908. The Regulations shall apply such orders mutatis mutandis.

5. A prerequisite for the implementation of the order is providing customer data necessary for its implementation, i.e. the first name and surname or the company name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. Each accepted order will be confirmed by telephone or e-mail. Orders, for which there is any doubt, can be verified by the Store service.

6. In the case of not receiving any confirmation of the order and the absence of a shipment of the ordered goods within the period referred to in point 7 of the Regulations, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone +48 661 191 908.

7. Orders will be executed within an indicative time of 2-7 business days after order acceptance.

8. The Store makes every effort to ensure that the goods offered for sale in the store were available. In the absence of goods in the warehouse, the customer will be informed of this fact immediately but not later than 24 working hours and the associated increase in the term of the order implementation, as referred to in point 7 of the Regulations. If the customer does not agree to extend the term of the order implementation, at their own discretion, the store can cancel the whole order or cancel only the item that extends the duration of the order implementation. In the event that the store could not fulfill their obligation because of the unavailability of the ordered goods, the customer will be informed of this fact within 24 working hours, and the possible advance payment for the goods will be returned. The customer may also, at their own choice, in the case of unavailability of the ordered goods, choose another product - available from the Store, thus making the change in the order.

9. Payments for the ordered goods can be made by customers via PayU (instant transfers, credit card).

10. The ordered goods will be given to delivery through the Polish Post, via first-class mail.

11. The Store is able to send the ordered goods beyond the Polish borders. In the case of such orders, the listed prices of goods do not include shipping costs – EUR 10 for shipment to Europe, EUR 12 for shipment to USA, EUR 19 for shipment to Australia and New Zeland and EUR 14 for shipment to South America and Asia.

12. The ordered goods will be given to delivery through the Polish Post. The customer will be informed of the fact of sending by e-mail or phone.

13. The Customer - the consumer - can withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, making a statement in writing within ten days from the date of the goods release. To comply with this deadline, you must send a statement before the end of the period to the address of the Store, 15 Jackowskiego Street, 60-508 Poznan or e-mail to the following address: The ready model statement is attached to each shipment.

14. In the case of withdrawal in accordance with paragraph 13, the Customer - the consumer is required to return the purchased goods to the address of the Store, 15 Jackowskiego Street, 60-508 Poznan, unaltered unless a change was necessary in the ordinary course of business, without delay, not later than 14 days from the date of sending the notice of withdrawal from the contract.

15. Money for the goods is returned to the Customer - the consumer is sent via PayU transfer in the statement immediately, but no later than within 14 days of the receipt of the statement by the Store.

16. The customer can complain about goods that have defects, i.e. goods not in conformity with the sale agreement.

17. If goods do not conform with the contract, the Customer may request to bring it into conformity with the contract for free, repair it or replace with a new one, unless the repair or replacement is impossible or require excessive costs. If the customer, for the reasons set out in the preceding sentence, may not require repair or replacement, or if the Store is not able to satisfy such request in a timely manner, or if the repair or replacement caused significant inconvenience to the Customer, they have the right to demand an appropriate price reduction or withdraw from the contract. Such a withdrawal may not take place if the inconsistency is irrelevant.

Shipments of repaired / replaced products are returned through the Polish Post, delivery at the expense of the Store.




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